Infrastructure Upgrade – Update

So, I went for an AMD Athlon BE-2350 (45W TDP), 4GB Ram, a 750GB SATA Disk (the price break seems to be at this capacity, the 1TB disks are still a bit more expensive).  All built and running Server 2008 64-bit – neat:-) 

Now I just need to settle on the best way to migrate my domain.  I don’t really want to do a straight upgrade to AD ’08 as I have a lot of past development junk hanging around in the current domain – including the E2k3 schema extensions (I’ve now moved into the cloud and use Windows Live Domains and Windows Live Mail with the Outlook Connector – recommended).  But, I would like to keep the same domain name that I’ve used for a while now.

I could:

  1. Rename the existing domain, create a new domain with the old name and use ADMT to migrate
  2. Create a new domain with any old name, migrate with ADMT and then rename
  3. Copy data from the old servers to a workgroup; turn off the old domain; promote the workgroup to a domain with the old name and re-permission
  4. Use a different domain name altogether and migrate to that
  5. Upgrade the existing domain and just learn to live with the messy schema

I’m still considering options 1, 3 and 5 – will keep you posted!

Once I’ve decommissioned the existing domain I can free-up some hardware and continue with the on-going upgrade.


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