Land’s End–John O’Groats, Days 1-3 (Monday Night)

Well, I had intentions of posting progress each day, but our rural route and out of the way campsites have provided scenery and peace but little in the way of connectivity… Twitter has been more successful as we’ve passed through populated areas or stopped for photos or food!  See the extracts on the right of this page or go here:!/cjwarwickps

After an easy drive down to Cornwall we settled in to the Cornish (wet) weather and after setting camp in the rain we moved to the pub… The imaginatively named “The First and Last Pub In England”, literally 2 minutes from the campsite – and a useful find given that the campsite bar closed as soon as we arrived.  Verdict on the pub: Good beer, worse than average food (don’t mention the (c. £9) Macaroni Cheese in the company of those who had it…)

Thankfully it had stopped raining by the time we got up at 6.30 (not a good time for me but I’m stuck with a bunch of companions who have abnormal sleep patterns and think it’s good to get up early…)  It was misty and damp, the sea view was spectacular as you can see from the picture below – excellent conditions for me :-)

LeJog Day 1 015

We set off at 8.00 and travelled the 10 miles to Penzance in good time where we stopped at Morrisons for slap-up breakfast, taking about a one and a half hour break before heading for Marazion and St. Michaels’ Mount (the long breakfasts have turned out to be a bit of an on-going theme…!)

A very scenic trip – beautiful Cornish countryside which we spent many hours marvelling at – particularly around Bissoe while Mick was trying to get the hang of the routing software (zoom in to the route and check the loop south of Truro: – directions from the local postman saved the day.

The day ended with a great hotel – the Wellington in Boscastle; highly recommended but if you’re cycling watch out for the little climb out of the village…..

LeJog Day 2 003

Day 1,   83.11 miles,  6,739 ft  

Day 2 – Devon


Day 2,  75.27 miles, 5,912 ft

Day 3, Monday –  Somerset and into Wales

Andrew swapped with Andy as our driver/personal shopper/homemaker/agony aunt last night so Andy could go to work for a break!

LeJog Day 3 001 LeJog Day 3 005

I was originally viewing the third day as being tricky – I thought I could do the first two days but I knew there would be lots of climbing through Cornwall and Devon and thought I might be pretty worn out.  As it happened the third day was quite easy going – mostly flat and with the crossing into Wales as a bit of a watershed to look forward to.  A relentless climb out of Chepstow at the end of the day made up for the relative ease of the early hours.  We camped about 3 miles from Symonds Yat.

Crossing the old bridge into Wales:

LeJog Day 3 011 LeJog Day 3 013

Day 3,  92.08 miles, 3,839 ft

… further updates to follow


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