Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 5, to Manchester

The (very rusty!) toll bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal

LeJog Day 5 009

Almost 400 miles covered so far, tomorrow we’re into the Pennines – eek!

Day 5,  71.02 miles, 1,890 ft climbing

Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 6, The Pennines

Starting as we mean to go on – with Breakfast (this is usually part 1 of 2…) – Morissons is best!  We stopped in Blackburn for Martin to buy an MP3 player

LeJog Day 6 002 LeJog Day 6 004

Sadly, the MP3 player didn’t get used on the bike – only on the train… Martin had recurring knee trouble and had to bow out – this is him (not the knee!) after we placed the rescue call to Andrew… The three of us carried on

LeJog Day 6 011 LeJog Day 6 012

Into the Pennines proper, very scenic so I had the camera hanging from the strap – here’s me going slowly up a steep-ish hill and some of those dry stone wall things

LeJog Day 6 023 LeJog Day 6 035

The top!

LeJog Day 6 050 LeJog Day 6 055

Day 6,  68.35 Miles, 6056 ft climbing


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