Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 7, Friday

After cycling over the west side of the Pennines we camped at Kirkby Lonsdale – another very lovely place.  Andrew (“The Drive”) found a great site, camping next to a babbling brook.  The evening consisted of beer and curry in the attractive townSmile.  Eventually we got going the following morning and after cycling for a while we stopped for a break (Mick needed a rest) where we were overtaken by a walker we’d passed about 20 minutes earlier…

LeJog Day 7 003 LeJog Day 7 014

By now the scenery was becoming routine and the weather has been rather fantastic (I’m tempting fate here as we still have four days to go as I write…)  Unfortunately there was a little hitch as the chain on my bike broke (probably because I’d been standing up on the peddles all day to avoid sitting on the torturous saddle device)

LeJog Day 7 023 LeJog Day 7 025

Andrew (“The Drive”) left us today and was heading south, swapping once again for Andy (“The Drive”) who we met at our evening’s accommodation at Boltonfellend

Day 7,  73,29 Miles, 5285 ft climbing


One thought on “Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 7, Friday”

  1. Hey lads
    Just received your blog trottings and have had very welcome relief from boring train rides by reading it! You’re going great lads and making a great e ample of what fifty gear old sods can really get up to! Burning 7000 calories a day must make that curry taste unbelievable.! Amazing to hear you haven’t had too many mechanical or medical issues to contend with.
    Keep up the greatwork. I will want your autographs when you get back!!
    Keep it up fellas you are a great example and we are all extremely proud of you!!
    Good speeed and keep it up!! ;-))) ant

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