Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 9, Sunday, Arran

Leaving Ayr we had a ride through Troon and on to the ferry at Ardrossan to Arran

LeJog Day 9 014 LeJog Day 9 023

Very scenic and sunny (still…!)  It was then another ferry from Arran to Claonaig in Argyl and Bute…

LeJog Day 9 029 LeJog Day 9 054

  …as the ferry left there was absolutely nothing there, just us lot on the slipway…

Mike, David, Chris, Andy and Mick (on the self-timer): 

LeJog Day 9 063 

I don’t think insects have been mentioned so far but they appeared in numbers as we crossed the border from civilisation back at Gretna; this evening they were particularly dense – Mike here is modelling his barrier protection while David and I pose in the “Scottish Burkas”

LeJog Day 9 077 LeJog Day 9 079

Day 9, Part 1, South Ayrshire,

Day 9, Part 2, Arran,

Day 9 Part 3, North Ayrshire,

Day 9, 64.23 Miles, 2247 ft Climbing


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