Land’s End–John O’Groats, Day 11, Tuesday, The Great Glen

Up and over from the campsite and back down to the Caledonian Canal – where the swing bridge was open, luckily!  We could still get across on quite easily on the next lock gate but it was an excuse to stop for a photo…  A Wire-Mesh Nessie?!

LeJog day 11 001 LeJog day 11 008

Along to Loch Ness and Urquart Castle

LeJog day 11 011 LeJog day 11 017

…Mike shows his usual road sense and we move north from Loch Ness to Dingwall

LeJog day 11 019 LeJog day 11 022

Unfortunately, accommodation was hard to find, so we pressed on (another thirty b*&^*$” miles) to Invershin and the Invershin Hotel.  Nothing to do with sheer gratitude at having arrived – this was the most hospitable place we stayed all week.

Day 11,  95.08 Miles, 4,167 ft climbing


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