Scam Phone Calls Really Do Happen.

I just answered the phone to a rather helpful chap who proceeded to try to get me to install software on my PC.  I’ve read stories about these calls and always thought it would be fun to play along, so as soon as I realised what was going on I changed from my usual, “What the hell are you doing calling me and where did you get my number from” attitude towards cold-callers and swapped into, “Oh dear, how did my PC become so messed-up” innocence.

The call appeared to come from the number  0000000 (I assume they’re spoofing the CLI but they could’ve chosen something slightly less noticeable…)

Once the chap had convinced me I was a valid registered Windows user he offered to help me to check if my PC had issues.  I was told to press Win-R (get a Run box) then to enter the characters I, N and F (he said this was short for “Infection”) and press enter.

Once a list of all the .INF files on my system was displayed I was told that these were the infected files.  I’ve got around 1200 matching files – man, I must be in trouble.  He asked if I recognised any of the files, to which I replied no.

I was then invited back to the Run box and asked to enter  At this point I’d had enough of playing along so I asked him a few times where he’d got my details, receiving some blustery reply.  I then asked him if he felt guilty about causing people problems that would likely cost them money and time to resolve.  Our conversation ended shortly after and I was left thinking how easy it would’ve been for my parents (or many other people I’m sure) to have been convinced by the scam.

I checked later and the ammyy website appears to offer a remote control download package.

Scary stuff…


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