Scripting Games, Beginner Event 2, True Type

A lot easier!  Display the names of the True Type fonts installed on the computer followed by a count of the True Type fonts and the overall number of fonts:

Simple registry lookup for 10 points

Here it is:

  1 $fonts=Get-ItemProperty 'HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts'
  4 $fonts=$fonts.psbase.members|?{$_.membertype -eq "NoteProperty"}
  7 $TrueTypeNames=$fonts|?{$ -like '*(TrueType)'}|%{$}|sort
 10 $TrueTypeNames   # Display True Type font names
 12 "`nTrueType: $($TrueTypeNames.Count)"
 13 "Total: $($fonts.Count)"

Reviewing other answers show some simpler solutions!  /\/\O\/\/ uses the much simpler -match operator to select True Type fonts (

Hindsight is wonderful!


Scripting Games, Beginner Event 1, Pairing Off

So, my first entry at the Scripting Games!  I actually completed a number of the advanced scripts before looking at the beginner category and I must say I thought some of the advanced problems were easier (or at least less involved) than this one!

The problem was to find the number of pairs of cards in a five card hand.  Two cards of the same rank make one pair; three cards of the same rank make three pairs (e.g. 2H, 2S, 2D -> 2H+2S, 2H+2D, 2S+2D); four cards of the same rank make 6 pairs.

Since the number of cards involved (5) and the size of the collections (pairs) is strictly limited it would be very easy to solve this problem using a simple lookup table – but that seemed like cheating to me, so I decided to calculate the combinations using the standard formula nCr=n!/r!(n-r)!  With apologies to any statisticians in advance if my reasoning is wrong!

Notes on the script below…

Although not stated as a requirement in the problem description, the script allows multiple collections of pairs, so "King, King, Ace, Ace, Ace" would count four pairs total.

Recursive factorial functions are rightly taboo these days, but helped me grasp the concept of recursion years’ ago, so I stuck with the standard approach.

The script initially scans through the array of cards, splitting off the card’s rank and discarding the suit.  Ranks are then counted in a simple hash table.  For each resulting entry in the hash table the script checks for occurrences of collections of two or more cards of the same rank; when collections are found the total combinations are calculated and displayed.  A grand total (the final answer required) is displayed at the end.

Five points in the pot!

Here’s the code:

  1 function fac ([int] $n) {
  2 	# Classic recursive factorial function
  3 	if ($n -le 1) { return 1}
  4 	else {return $n * (fac ($n-1))}
  5 }
  7 function nCr ([int] $n, [int] $r) {
  8 	# Calculate combinations
  9 	# nCr=n!/r!(n-r)!
 10 	# Since, in this case, $r always = 2, we could just use a lookup
 11 	# to return the value for nCr where r=2, so
 12 	#    nC2=0, 0, 1, 3, 6, 10, 15... (from Pascal triangle row 2)
 13 	# then: nC2[3] -> 3
 14 	# ...but that would spoil the fun:-)
 15 	return ((fac $n)/((fac $r)*(fac ($n-$r))))
 16 }
 18 $hand="Seven of Spades", `
 19       "Five of Hearts",  `
 20 	  "Seven of Diamonds", `
 21 	  "Seven of Clubs", `
 22 	  "King of Clubs"
 24 $hand; ""
 26 $hash=@{}
 27 $total=0
 29 foreach ($card in $hand) {
 30 	$c, $null = $card.split()	# Only interested in the rank, not the suit
 31 	$hash[$c]++
 32 }
 34 $hash.keys|?{$hash[$_] -ge 2}|%{		# Select cards when at least 2 of the same rank
 35 	$pairs=nCr $hash[$_] 2			# Calculate combinations of pairs
 36 	if ($pairs -gt 1) {$s="s"} else {$s=""}	# ..if more than one pair, make plural
 37 	$total+=$pairs				# Add up all collections of different pairs
 38 	"$($hash[$_]) $($_)s -> $pairs pair$s"	# Display subtotal for this rank
 39 }
 41 "`nTotal Pairs: $total"

A Blog Post -eek!

I must’ve first read about the then slightly mysterious "blogs" about three years’ ago.  Since then I’ve read a lot of blog entries, mostly about PowerShell, but I’ve resisted the temptation to blog myself without any problem whatsoever.  Trouble is, it’s just so easy now – I’ve just installed Live Writer and thought I should at least try a post!